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We cordially invite you to our state-of-the-art SAUNA & GARDEN SPA PARK, where unforgettable moments of relaxation await you.

Our park is designed as a set of 12 generously sized private zones, each with a capacity of up to 4 people, on a total area of almost 3000 m2.

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6x SOFT panoramic sauna (80 °C)
6x Finnish panoramic sauna (100 °C)
6x outdoor cooling pool SHOKKI
6x luxury outdoor hot tub

private terrace in each zone overlooking the greenery
ample parking space
professional approach

…and a lot of privacy…

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Luxury outdoor hot tub

On the terrace of each of our organic saunas, you will find a luxurious outdoor whirlpool, which will delight all those who love quality hydromassage and the subsequent effects of air massage in the water. The combination of warm water and adequate pressure exerted by the hydro-massage jets helps to circulate the muscles, stimulate blood circulation and ensure the proper functioning of the lymphatic system.

Water temperature in the range of 37 ° C – 38 ° C, lighting – LED CHROMOTERAPEUTIC (helps to balance the energies in the human body, helps to feel better).

We always fill the hot tub with clean water for each client – the automatic filling takes place immediately after entering each private zone.


Outdoor cooling pool SHOKKI

On the terrace of each of our Finnish saunas you will find a recessed overflow spacious cooling pool, which no die-hard sauna fan can do without. Thanks to the rapid cooling after the sauna, the cold water immediately lowers the body temperature, constricts the blood vessels and increases the oxygen content in the blood.

Water temperature ranging from 5 ° C – 15 ° C, lighting – LED blue (for safe entry and to enhance the feeling of cooling).

We always fill the cooling pools with clean water for each client – automatic filling takes place immediately after entering each private zone. After the end of your stay in the sauna, all areas of the spa, including the cooling pools, are always thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.


Sale of gift vouchers

Give your friends, partner or family an experiential gift! You simply can’t go wrong with a gift voucher for time spent in a private sauna and hot tub…


Finnish panoramic sauna

The high temperature combined with the dry air is ideal for relaxing the muscles and flushing out impurities and endorphins from the body. It will provide you with unforgettable relief and relaxation from everyday stress and hustle and bustle.

Temperature ranges from 80 °C – 100 °C, humidity 20 – 30%, LED linear lighting with the possibility of regulation, each bio sauna has a panoramic view of its own terrace thanks to the panoramic glazing.

Our Finnish saunas are equipped with high-quality German stoves filled with lava stones, which you can pour water over during your stay to intensify your sauna experience. Proper sauna use consists of a rapid warm-up followed by a cool-down, sufficient rest and a drinking regime.



Due to the lower temperature, it is particularly popular with women and children and with clients who cannot visit the Finnish sauna for various reasons.

The temperature ranges from 50 °C – 65 °C, the humidity is 50 – 80 %, and each SOFT sauna has a panoramic view of its own terrace thanks to the panoramic glazing.

Our SOFT saunas are equipped with an automatic vaporizer, which humidifies the air and at the same time makes your experience more pleasant by releasing fragrant essential herbal essences during the sauna.


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Professional approach

Be quiet and respectful of others!

Sauna bathing is relaxation, and it is accompanied by peace and quiet. The same rule applies throughout the wellness area.
Thank you.

Your unforgettable experience will be taken care of by our experienced team of employees – the SAUNA-IN TEAM Stará Ves nad Ondřejnicí, who are looking forward to your visit.


Secure parking

For our visitors we have a guarded parking lot with enough spaces for the maximum capacity of the facility.



For an even better experience, we have prepared a full range of healthy juices, quality teas, coffee, natural mineral water and fruit snacks. There is also a selection of beer, prosecco, sparkling wine and quality wines from selected Moravian winemakers.


Rest room with facilities

Each private zone includes a rest room equipped with a spacious shower, a separate toilet, a rest area and a place to put away clothes and shoes. Of course, you will also find a drinking water source, a hair dryer and a mirror. The whole area is comfortably sounded and thematically lit.

Thermal comfort is ensured by heating glass that automatically switches on whenever the sliding patio door is closed. Each client can simply “turn up the heat” and “turn down the lights” if they need to, at the touch of a button. The backstage area is also equipped with a tablet, which can be used to order refreshments or call for service. 



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